How-To Operate

Step-By-Step Directions:

  1. Stop combine with the swath you want to test directly in front of you.

  2. Lift chopper and spreader.

  3. Plug the power pack into the device. Note: The power pack should never be left to go completely dead. Always recharge as soon as it goes to the last light.

  4. Activate magnets using the remote, place under the combine in a location where material won’t prematurely fall into the pan. Note: Wind and leaks on combines may cause false readings.

  5. The front or back axle is a good location on many combines.
    Note: If the metal you try and attach is too thin, there will not be enough power for the magnets to stay on. The thicker the metal the stronger the hold.

  6. Drive combine 50-150 feet at speed and loss settings you think are acceptable, drop the pan.

  7. From there, screen out your grain from the sample, pour into grain gauge and check the chart for your losses.

How-To Videos