The most money per hour you will ever make farming is setting your combine and knowing your losses.

You have put in all the time, expense and effort of growing the best crop you can all season. Do not just jump in your combine and use the OEM settings or last years settings and think your loss is acceptable.

Be sure you are putting all the crop possible in the bin with our ScherGain Solution System.

You’ve grown it so make sure to harvest it.

ScherGain Solution System
$1800 CDN
  • Patent-Pending ScherGain Drop Pan
  • Two Remotes
  • Battery
  • Grain Gauge
  • Loss Chart

Most combines have a loss monitor that tells you how much grain you are losing. However, that loss monitor is like a speedometer in a vehicle, it needs to be calibrated for accuracy.

Our ScherGain Solution System has made that process simple and easy. We have created a standard that everyone can use and understand.

Our process is simple. Attach the (Patent-Pending) ScherGain Solution System under any combine, raise the straw chopper and use the settings and speed that you feel are a good rate of efficiency. Then simply hit the remote and drop the pan to collect all the straw and chaff.

Drop the ScherGain Solution System, clean the sample, measure it, check the chart and see how many bushel per acre you are losing. Now you have created a number that you can put on your loss monitor as a reference point.

We recommend unplugging the power pack after each use to avoid accidentally draining the battery.

One bushel of canola @ $10.00 on a 2,000 acre farm is $20,000. Why grow it if you aren’t going to save it?