The Innovators

Pat and Trevor Scherman are long-time farmers in Western Saskatchewan, Canada.

The ScherGain Solution System product was developed out of necessity on the Scherman Farm. Pat (Trevor’s Father) and Trevor were trying to figure out how much loss they were having from the back of their combine. After continually listening to the manufacturer reps and local dealers telling them things like, “the combine needs to be full” and “you need grain on grain threshing”, Trevor realized that the sales reps are always trying to sell how many acres an hour the combine can do.

Pat was figuring out how much he thought was going over but never had an accurate calculation from anyone as it is confusing to figure out by dropping pans while spreading all the straw. Pat and Trevor would “kill” the combine and look in the back only to see grain everywhere, concluding their losses were high.

A convenient way to accurately figure out losses was desperately needed and both Pat and Trevor knew that there had to be a solution. The ScherGain Solution System was developed and hard mounted to the combine using a magnet system. Trevor would drop it and screen the sample, then weigh it and calculate to bushels to figure out their losses. This process was very time consuming. Pat made all the calculations so that they could simply measure the loss with the Grain Gauge, but then they needed to move the pan to another combine and did not want to mount another whole kit onto the combine as it was tedious and took too much time. This is when the new ScherGain Solution System that is transferable to any combine was developed.

The Schermans have helped growers figure out losses that are actually embarrassingly high, to the point that it will make you sick to your stomach to figure out how many bushels you have thrown out the back for many years… all lost profit.

Having worked for various chemical companies and a technology/agronomy company, Trevor tried to help farmers get every bushel out of each crop possible but he always found that each farmer would then get in the combine and blow 2, 3, 4 or more bushels out the back without ever checking.

The ScherGain Solution System is your solution for getting the absolute most out of each field into the bin.