As a farmer, you take care of our crops all year, pouring thousands of dollars into making sure the final product is up to the standards you expected.

So why would you let all that time and money spent go down the drain when you lose a good portion of your crop to harvest loss?

Trevor Scherman alongside his dad, Pat, who farm near Battleford, Saskatchewan, developed a combine loss analysis tool they call the “ScherGain.”

It’s a drop pan that fits on the bottom of the combine, magnetizes to the back of combine, enabling you to simply and easily calculate what you are losing out of your combine.

“When we are doing drop pans for guys, quite often they are losing more than they expect,” says Scherman. “The most money per hour you will ever make farming is setting your combine.”

On the farm they’ve gone through several trial and error renditions of the drop pan, taking the father-son duo about three years to get the product they currently have.

“You turn the magnets on with a remote, mount it onto the combine, drive the combine to where you think your settings are right, your losses are comfortable, you just hit the remote, it falls, you screen it out, and you measure it from there and figure out your losses,” Scherman explains in this video filmed at CanolaPalooza ’17.

He adds the ScherGain design is unique in its efficiency and simplicity.

“The math of dumping it into a cylinder, and just reading the chart we have, makes it very easy to use. Rather than taking half an hour to an hour to figure it out, it’s very simple. You are going to mount it in four seconds, drive your combine, drop it, and you’ll have your loss right away.”

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